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These days virtually every business is engaged in some type of Internet activity. Whether its paying the company's bills online, collecting email addresses for a mailing list or having a full fledged web commerce presense, fact is the Internet has made how a company does business, simpler, faster and more effective.  We can help you get the right presence to fit your specific needs as well as your budget.

Android and Apple iPhone apps are a hot item these days. And rightfully so. More and more wireless subscribers are signing up to unlimited data access plans. This has caused a flurry of "fly by night" companies to flood the Android Market and Apple AppStore with mediocre apps that lack design and, in most cases, testing.

Some companies have been hiring what is known as "off shore" development and testing shops for some or all of their web presence strategy implementation. A lot of the times following this strategy brings about many problems like:  timezone differences, communication issues, poor quality, just to name a few.

We have a talented team of professional Software Engineers, Quality and Business Analysts, Technical Writers, Graphic Artists, as well as Project Managers. We have a presence in Lima, Peru as well as in Miami, FL. Together we solve the problems of poorly designed, poorly tested web and mobile applications and all within your local timezone.

What are you waiting for. Go ahead, explore the site, check out or blog, which includes articles about the subject matter, and, when you're ready, click the Contact Us icon on the top navigation bar and send us a message with your specific requirements. We look forward to working with you!

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