5 Important Travel Tips to Visit Rio de Janeiro

Making plans to visit the city of your dreams? Or just want to give a surprise outing to your family? Why not make travel plans to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro? This Brazilian city is known for its trendy South American vibes, stunning landscape, amazing coast, buzzing lifestyle, and spectacular natural setting.

If you are thinking of an exciting vacation trip with your family or going out solo to search for the thrills, Rio de Janeiro would be the best idea, guys! Check out its color, the music – samba and bossa nova – for its football, and above all, its scenery and setting; and cherish those moments. Don’t forget to book United Airlines Flight Tickets from the official website and get the best family vacation offers from them.

There are some traveling tips to keep in mind while visiting Rio de Janeiro. Make your plans, then!!!

What to Pack for Rio?

Rio experiences summer from December to March and winter from May to August. Rio is a hot city and has a tropical wet and dry climate for most of the year. You won’t like to have the worst experiences while on the trip, right? So, it’s better to make a list of what clothes to be packed.

  • Rio’s summer months are unbearable and to keep this in mind, you should carry light clothes (not ‘too’ dark), sunscreen, sun lotion, shorts, vests, tees, etc.
  • Winters are not that cold, so you won’t have to carry heavy clothes and all. But blankets, some jackets, hats, some warm pyjamas, or a base layer to sleep in, will make your way easy and comfy!

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Getting Around

Rio city administration has made it easy and affordable for travelers to get around. Visitors can purchase a RioCard Expresso for R$40 that can be used on buses and the subway for convenience. For a single person, the journey costs R$3.80.

The safest option to get around with family is the radio taxi. You can call it on the street or ask your hotel concierge or receptionist to call a radio taxi. Rio taxis aren’t particularly that much expensive even for long distances.

For easier tripping around the city landmarks with family, taking a rental car would be a much better option to have a safe and comfortable journey. This will help you to explore the multiple locations in the city with a comfy ride starting from just R$166 per day.

Things to Do

Rio de Janeiro is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a wonderful setting between the mountains and the spectacular sea. Visitors admire the mixture of thrilling historical architecture with a unique urban cultural landscape. You will find from stunning coastlines and splendid monuments to edgy underground nightlife haunts and favela societies, in this wholesome city of Rio de Janeiro.

Experience some thrilling moments at the giant Christ the Redeemer statue; Marvel at Sugarloaf Mountain; hike up Dois Irmãos; experience the city’s music and nightlife culture at Pedra do Sal; hit the beaches; Scale the Escadaria Selaron steps, or go on a favela tour; the choices are endless!!!

Where to stay?

Rio de Janeiro is an affordable city and every visitor likes to spend some days here. With lots of accommodation options, you will find from the city’s most luxurious hotels like the Fasano and the Sheraton Grande Rio Resort to good mid-range hotels like the Windsor Palace Hotel and the Best Western Plus Copacabana Hotel.

You can also find good shelters in some popular neighborhoods of the city such as the historical and financial center – Centro; or the most popular area for tourists – Zona Sul.

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5 Important Safety Tips

Rio is a beautiful city to explore and experience the amazing vibes with pretty excitement. Despite the city has a negative image because of a lot of bad international press coverage, Rio de Janeiro has improved the security to ensure their safe and enjoyable visit with no problems. From a side of caution to minimize your risk of inconvenience or worse, you can read some tips to stay safe and make the most of the trip to exciting Rio.

  • Take precautions while walking in crowded areas, as due to the poverty in the surrounding neighborhoods of the city, the crime rate is quite high.
  • Keep your valuable items, passport, and additional cash in the hotel safe.
  • Don’t travel alone at night and if possible, take some local friends along with you while roaming on Rio’s streets.
  • Avoid public transportation to travel at night and a safer option is to call a taxi, and areas like subway stations should be avoided.
  • Keep distance from gang warfare, favelas, pickpockets, and bag snatchers.

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