7 The Best things to Do in Eugene With your family?

If you are looking for some enthralling city to visit, then make a trip to Eugene, one of Oregon’s three largest cities. Eugene city is full of breathtaking sightseeing and activities for visitors. You can find all the amenities, including the impressive museums, rugged landscapes, lush parks and arboretums, a bird sanctuary, and many more attractions.

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Alton Baker Park


The Alton Baker Park is an amazing place to visit nestled at the Willamette River that divides Eugene from the nearby Springfield. Visit this park along river banks to explore recreational facilities and bicycle trails. This Alton Baker Park is the largest in the city, covering an area of 237 acres which is divided into two main areas, including the Whilamut Natural Area. Enjoy the paved paths extending beyond the boundaries of the park and the bike bridges that connect the trails on both sides of the river.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is nestled at the University of Oregon in Eugene. The museum was designed to protect the treasures inside without windows. The museum provides an extensive collection of Japanese, American, Korean, European, and Chinese artworks. The museum had expanded considerably since 1933 when it was opened.

The main focus is on Asian art, including the major Pacific Northwest, European and Oregonian artists. The artworks have a rotating display of sample works from the loan, permanent collection, or traveling exhibitions.

Hult Center –the Performing Arts

Hult Center is an iconic center that features permanent and temporary art collections seen throughout the building. This was built the center in 1982 for the Performing Arts. The hub center displays Eugene’s rich cultural scene and different entertainment from jazz to opera throughout the year. In addition, there are resident companies that include the Eugene Ballet Company, the Eugene Opera, the Eugene Concert Choir, and the Eugene Symphony.


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Saturday Market

The Saturday market is located downtown and allures a huge crowd, whether it be a rainy day or a sunny day.

Make a visit to this market between April to mid-November to witness the best gathering spaces in the city each Saturday. Enjoy combining local artisan crafts, internationally inspired food, and live music in the Saturday Market. Make the start of your weekend via this starting point for a cultural visit to the city.

Cascades Raptor Center

Cascades Raptor Center houses the regal feathered, including Eagles, falcons, and hawks. This non-profit organization center is made open for visitors all year-round, where injured birds are treated back to health. Have a glimpse of the variety of resident birds and their reintegration process. This center also offers enlightening curriculums that include trainer-led demos, children-friendly ability workshops, and personal tours.


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Hendricks Park

Hendricks Park is home to Rhododendrons boom situated in the Pacific Northwest or Washington’s state flower. The rhododendron garden is an ideal place offering a serene climate amidst the flourishing flowering evergreen shrubs found in the local park in Eugene. The Garden is spread in about 80 acres featuring old-growth Douglas fir trees, undulating walking trails, and native plant varieties. Visit this Garden during the Spring, which is the peak season for rhododendrons.

Museum of Natural and Cultural History

The Museum of Natural and Cultural History is located on the Oregon’s University campus and is worth visiting. The museum highlights the anthropological, paleontological, and zoological artifacts of the university. In addition, you can find the natural and cultural histories of the area in this museum that preserves wildlife and photographs through fossils.

The city of Eugene has still conserved its rich culture and heritage, making the city the best and exciting place to be visited.

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