Why do candidates focus on gaining high marks at CA inter Test Series?

Chartered Accountancy deals not just with account debits and credits, but also with nation-building on a large scale. CA is the economy’s cornerstone, and by leveraging their financial skills, the country is guided in different financial and economic steps to improve the country’s deteriorating economy and promote industrial growth.

A Chartered Accountant is the most in-demand profession. The Chartered Accountancy program is open to anybody with a plus-two. Though being a CA is not an easy path to take, it is a rewarding one.

The contribution of chartered accountants to the realm of taxation is admirable. They are the kings and queens of taxes. They assist in tax planning due to their discernment. Tax avoidance is prohibited and has a hefty price tag. Tax planning, on the other hand, is lawful and advantageous to both the ordinary man and our country. The examination of a financial condition or strategy from a tax viewpoint is known as tax planning. It is critical for a country’s growth that its commercial sector expands. Chartered Accountants equip business entities with the necessary expertise to aid in the efficient operation of their operations.

The ICAI benefit

The ICAI is a prestigious organization with a global reputation. It is different from other courses, in other professions when candidates pick universities based on their rating. Candidates should be aware that it is regarded as one of the greatest on the world stage. Furthermore, admission to the ICAI is a significant achievement in and of itself. You obtain a competitive advantage that puts you ahead of the competition and assists you in planning and charting your professional path.

Chartered Accountants are offered compensation over 5 lakhs even when they are just starting. Both newcomers and seasoned employees may make a respectable living. You also have the option to freelance or establish your own business, both of which offer limitless earning possibilities.

CA are always in demand, which makes them a secure profession. All businesses, large or small, need a CA to manage their accounting, auditing, and finance-related activities. It’s a career that can withstand any economic downturn.

Salary and benefits are excellent

Depending on the organization, its size, and location, a new Chartered Accountant’s take-home pay might be upwards of five lakhs. Companies have been known to provide larger (read: seven-figure) packages to newcomers. A freelancer or entrepreneur with their firm has limitless earning possibilities. With expertise, the pay scale for this job grows tremendously. CA Inter test series provides the best preparation techniques and way of learning.

Openings from across the world

Because the ICAI is internationally recognized, ICAI graduates can find work in other countries, providing they meet the necessary visa and other requirements. Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Djibouti, Dubai, Ireland, and the United Kingdom are among the countries that accept the ICAI certificate. Chartered Accountants with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) qualification are permitted to operate in any of these nations. Over 14% of ICAI alumni work abroad, according to available data. And, as some countries loosen visa requirements for migratory workers, possibilities to a better future overseas are opening up.


LPU- Enroll now for MBA distance education!


Choosing a Career is quite a tough task because it is not as smooth as a pancake! It is quite time-consuming and difficult to choose a perfect path for life. Because once we Choose we will Never reverse back. Hurrying at the time of selecting a perfect course or college always results in bad results! So always make sure to seek the best and take your time first. Your future is going to depend on you, which means whatever you are going to do today, you have to pay for it in your future. Choose your course and career stream nicely.

Make sure to keep in mind-

Always at the time of choosing Career to keep few things in your mind such as-

  • Know your interest- choose your Career according to your interest otherwise it is going to be worthless.
  • Know the opportunities- you should be aware of all the opportunities under the course you are selecting.
  • The expense of your career- if you are ready to spend the cost of your Career then it’s all right! But if you can’t then choose according to your pocket allowance.

Distance education- affordable for you-

As we know that today, distance education is a center highlighted part of the new education system. To make learning affordable and easy the education system has come up with e-learning. Build your future by sitting anywhere. What you need are just good internet and a good pc.

Courses under distance education-

One can go for any courses of their choice because distance education is like bringing the education set up to your own house. So you can choose any course such as BBA, MCom, BA, MCA, etc.

MBA distance education lpu

One can also go for an MBA course too. MBA is one of the most highlighted and reputed courses among today’s students. Also, this course has attracted more than millions of people. Thus, we can say that one can easily go for an MBA course after 12.

What is MBA-

MBA  masters of business administration) is a study of business. One can avail with more than thousands of Career field options there such as human resources, business management, business analytical, and many more.

Some benefits of choosing MBA-

  • Get higher paid jobs- MBA has lots of field options thus, you can easily get a good salary package after MBA.
  • Enhance academic skills- MBA helps in increasing our mental ability and helps in good exposure to the world.
  • Increase communication skills- MBA helps in increasing your communication and vocabulary skills.

Choose MBA distance education lpu-

LPU is one of the leading universities which deals best with MBA courses as well as with distance education. The atmosphere you are going to avail there is out of the world. All you get good education opportunities just by sitting under one roof. Don’t take any tension in your education. LPU education management is 24/7 there for you to consult all your doubts and provide you with all the solutions.

Good Vocabulary is Essential to Answer Both GMAT AWA and Verbal Sections

In this article, we are going to take you through the GMAT AWA and the Verbal section and also shed light on why GMAT vocabulary is important to answer questions in these sections. So, keep reading!

The GMAT AWA section comprises an ‘Analyse the Argument’ question. Here you are required to analyze the given argument and write a critique of it. This is basically to assess your critical thinking ability and see how well you can communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.

The topics given in this section can be related to anything — business or any general topic. You are not evaluated on your knowledge of the topic but only your writing prowess and your ability to critically analyze the given essay. You are not expected to write your views but only to critique the argument presented.

It is suggested that you initially spend time, after evaluating the argument, to plan your essay in detail. This step will allow you to develop your essay in an organized manner. Remember that you have only 30 minutes to spend in this segment, so ensure you utilize your time wisely. You can also practice the GMAT AWA section by opting for a tool offered by GMAC called GMAT Official AWA practice that costs $29.99. This is available on the official GMAT website (Mba.com). It has the same scoring algorithm as the actual exam and will give you an estimate on how much you will score in the exam. You will gain access to two unique essay questions and an opportunity to write four essays.

The scoring for the AWA section is done in two parts. The first is by an electronic automated essay scoring engine. It scans and checks for many structural linguistic errors, which is inclusive of grammar, organisation of ideas, topical analysis and more. The second is by a trained expert human assessor who would analyze any discrepancies from the scoring engine and then determine the final score.

It is necessary to have a good vocabulary to be able to score well in the GMAT AWA section. Besides, a good vocabulary is also needed to answer questions in the Verbal section of the GMAT. Let us now learn more about the GMAT vocabulary.

GMAT Vocabulary

There is no separate section in the GMAT to test your vocabulary. However, you must have a good understanding of the same to answer the Verbal section which comprises three questions — sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension, as well as the AWA section, as mentioned before. A good knowledge of high school and college-level English vocabulary makes your reading and writing tasks easier.

The Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning questions of the Verbal section generally don’t use very complex vocabulary, however, it is beneficial if you are aware of some important words. You will be presented with challenging material and you will need to extract the required information from it to form strategies. Hence, a good GMAT vocabulary knowledge is essential.

Some of the most common words which you might encounter in the GMAT verbal section are — analyse, assumption, cite, clam, dearth, mitigate, paradox, posit, redundant, undermine, warranted. These should be part of your GMAT vocabulary learning list. You would not be expected to know the exact definition of these words, however, you should know the meanings in case you come across them in any of the questions.

To improve your vocabulary, some of the fundamental steps which you can follow are — developing a reading habit, learning a new word every day, utilizing learning strategies like GMAT flashcards, and periodically attempting GMAT mock exams.

We hope the information provided above was of help. Good Luck!

Save your money at studies by choosing the distance education

You are living in a globe where education knowledge is recognizing as the most essential one over the individuals. Every person has a different kind of dream when it comes to studies, some choose to do a course in MBA, or else MCA and a lot are available. It is the learner’s choice which one will be suitable for them.

But one thing which they have to remember when it comes to the selection course is they should not choose the course blindly by following the parents saying, friends saying and the relatives saying. The learners should take the decision by knowing their capabilities and interest. This will help them in the future when they choose a non-suitable course they can’t understand the concept in work. They just memorize it, until the last they won’t understand it.

How does distance education help in every way?

Even when students know which course is suitable for them, they do not have the opportunity to join in their preferable colleges because of getting lower scores in the schooling or else in UG or else due to fees issues. Education is not an easy thing it has a lot of battles such as called examinations, fees, practicals, assignments, and a lot more.

When you are very interested in graduating in your preferable studies and then utilize an extraordinary option called lpu distance education maIt is similar to the physical learning academic, but everything will be managed through the online teaching platform. The study materials will be provided to you in e-book format.

Beneficial things to consider:

When you are not able to follow the schedules provided by the academic because of full-time working and married, you can watch the tutorials video provided by them. The tutorial video is nothing but they recorded the live session class for the learners which are helpful for them to study later.

The most beneficial things which you can have from lpu distance education ma is

  • You won’t require spending money on transportation.
  • No requirement to stay in hostels.
  • There is no need to allot cash for canteen foods
  • No sports fees
  • You only require paying fees for the teaching and for the study materials.

This above-mentioned facility will not be available to you when you desired to study in a foreign college or else in other state academics. This everything turns possible because of the lpu distance education ma. It helps to fulfill multiple people’s dreams, those who have lost their dreams because of budget problems, married and low examination mark issues can make their wish true with distance teaching.

Exams in distance education:

The examination will be conducted online too, you should write exams with your laptop camera watching. The recording of your exams will be sent to the college management. So no of the learners can make fraudulent during the written exams. Copy at the examination will not surely help in the future; you will have a lack of knowledge in the working place. To perform excellently then self-learning will help you in every way.

How to get high marks on the CA Inter test series?

Success in the CA Inter exams in July is one of the biggest concerns of today’s CA students. CA Inter exams in our country are held every year in the July for both new and old course. CA Inter has a special importance and sensitivity for the students of this level on the CA Inter rank.

What should be done to get a good score in the CA Inter exams?

  1. To succeed in the CA Inter exams in July 2021, the first step is to be purposeful. No matter how capable you are, you are always confused, upset, bored and tired without having a goal, and your work will not yield good results, so first set a goal for yourself. Our goal should be succeed in CA inter exams. It is ultimate, but success is different from each person.
  2. The next step is effort; every goal without effort is just a few simple words on paper or in our minds; So we have to work tirelessly towards our goals in order to succeed. Success is never a coincidence and we have to pay the price; the price of success in the CA Inter exams in July is also a relentless effort by studying a lot.
  3. The third step is motivation; we must be motivated to succeed in everything so that we can succeed in it. The CA Inter exams are very similar to Olympic or World Cup tournaments; a team is a champion that has enough motivation to win. And similarly, a student will take clear the CA Inter if he has motivation to study, motivation to do something big.
  4. In the next step you need to be focused enough; avoid anything that distracts you from your goal. We want to succeed in the CA Inter exam so our goal is clear; all that matters to us is success in the final exams and we only focus on success.
  5. The fifth step is a thorough and detailed study of the textbook. Because the questions of these tests are prepared in a coordinated national or provincial manner; So you do not have to rely solely on your booklets or the questions they have asked to answer the final questions of these tests, and you must have sufficient control over any part of your book, as you may miss the most questions from just one page. Have you read or not read at all, so think of all the pages of your book, even parts, activities, experiments, and so on.


  1. The next step is to review the sample questions from previous years or taking the help of the best test series for CA Inter is also helpful as you will know the exact pattern of the CA Inter exam and time management will also improve. You want to fight a tough opponent called the ICAI, so to succeed in your mission, you need to know and analyze your opponent well. The more questions you solve, the deeper your learning and cognition will be and the higher your success rate will be.

How To Write a Capstone Project In College

Another method to sum up the skills and knowledge that the student has learned through the course is a capstone project. This type of paper can be delivered in several forms: case reports, surveys, research papers, results-based appraisal, market research, and more. The form and sophistication would depend on the demands and direction of the instructor. The student has to choose and compose a report on one of the capstone project concepts relevant to the course or specialty. python programming assignment help A capstone project will usually be tied to potential specialization and will involve good teamwork skills, presentation skills, and critical and analytical thought.

Step By Step Guide To Write A Capstone Project In College

You should understand that, depending on the college, the subject, and the aims of writing, the layout of a Capstone Project will be different. That is why, before finishing the task, you need to create a proper structure for your description and ask your teacher if necessary. A prototype capstone project description can be found on the Internet as well.

  • Think about the topic:

From the very beginning of the season, it is desirable to think about the subject. Take some notes and write down the emotions that arise during the lectures. Think of the things that have fascinated you the most and appear to be manageable. Speak to your peers or members of the faculty who have encountered the issue before.

Focus on subjects that are related to your own experience and life. Think of conditions where it is possible to extend the experience from the course. The skills and abilities you learned through the course and how you will implement this in a potential workplace can be illustrated by your capstone project. It could, for example, be a marketing strategy, involving a market investigation in a specific region, or the creation of a new product or project to meet a specific need.

  • Create a capstone project outline:

You would need to apply a plan to your mentor before you begin writing your article. It is normally a text of 200 words or more. How to write a plan for a capstone? Have in your plan the following points:

  • Tell us about the subject you choose to use and why you want to write on this specific subject.
  • Write on your experience or history in the related subject matter.
  • Emphasize the scope of the knowledge and references accessible.
  • Tell us about the analysis you plan to do during your project and what tools you plan to use: analyze the certain procedure, select certain goods, etc.
  • List the appropriate permits for workplaces and human subjects.
  • Set the targets you wish to accomplish with this initiative.
  • Collect information

Identify the outlets and look for topic-related knowledge. Check at your course’s textbooks; a list of suggested literature can be found and used as a basis for your idea. Build a file and store all the references and helpful links in one single location on your computer. To simplify navigation, structure details in separate directories, name them correctly and apply tags. In the literature review segment, highlight the main papers related to your subject that you will discuss. List the articles according to sections.

  • Make a structure

Every capstone project’s structure can differ. A simple structure will help you split your work clearly and focus on each portion. The standard structure of a capstone project can be viewed here:

  • Title page.
  • Article review.
  • Results and Analysis.
  • Conclusion
  • References list.


  • Make a timetable

Since a capstone is a very detailed text, your time-planning abilities would need to be used. The best option is to build a timetable of assignments and deadlines. Adjust the schedule over time, when you may finish one task more easily, while the other can take more time than you expected. Using organizers to keep track of your success at any time on your phone or device.

  • Get to the writing

Get back to your writing. The foundation of your project for the capstone is the thesis argument. Come up with a solid thesis argument that is appropriately descriptive and specific. You won’t be able to cover all of the specifics of your research is too big. From any stage you want, you can compose your project; the only thing you have to note is that the introduction is written last. When you are not deep in the matter of the problem, you would not be able to build a decent introduction. Don’t forget to mention the main issue (or problem) and mention the study’s limitations.


I hope the above information regarding how to write a capstone project in college is enough for you. We have given all step by step guideline that will help you write a college capstone project. But it can differ according to college or university but the change won’t be that big.