Best Things to Do When Visiting Colorado Springs

Even today, Colorado Springs continues to attract visitors as one of the premier resort destinations of the United States. Colorado life invites two categories of travelers – nature enthusiasts and cultural wizards. The city has an abundance of natural topography, featuring hiking trails and high peaks. These make the city a desirable destination for nature explorers.

Surprisingly, it won’t disappoint if you are less adventurous in your pursuits either. The city keeps you busy with nearby art galleries, military academies, and old west vibes of the old Colorado life.

Don’t hesitate to read the regular columns of our Colorado magazine for more insights on these wonderful locations. You will get fascinating ideas to prepare and get set for your journey itinerary amidst the natural charm of the place.

Here we have prepared a schedule of the best things to do when visiting Colorado Springs.

Best Things to Do in Colorado Springs

  • Explore the Pikes Peak

No wonder, why the snow-capped summit of Pikes Peak, aka America’s Mountain, has continued to attract tourists since the 19th century. The mountain measuring over 14,100 feet high receives more than half a million footfall of visitors.

Adrenaline junkies and hikers get their fair share of thrill and adventure while climbing the summit. The trekking expedition can be a little scary but is worth getting clicked on the panoramic landscape. It is easy to reach the location with three demarcated routes – the Cog Railway, the Pikes Peak Highway, and foot via Barr Trail.

  • Visit the Garden of the Gods

Don’t miss the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for its geological deposition, along the natural faultline with the rainfall. You will be glued to the red rock formations of this famous public park and National Natural Park. A striking mix of over 300 sandstone formations, with the views of snow-covered peaks, brings the best out of the topography.

The park welcomes visitors to travel the geological region through guided hikes, bikes, jeeps, trolleys, etc. Indulge in an authentic experience of the ‘Wild West’ with a reserve horseback ride offered by Academy Riding Stables.

  • Go to the US Air Force Academy

The US Air Force Academy, based in Colorado Springs, is one of the high-profile and well-reputed facilities in the country. The academy finds a mention in the Colorado life magazine cover story about the cadet life and training program given to them.

The impressive glimpse of the airborne spectacles and training drills within the premises is the real deal for travelers. Civilian visitors can survey the campus and get to know about the lifestyle of the elite military personnel. You can also go through the experience of warfare history while you are inside the visitor’s center of the academy base.

  • Witness the Fine Arts

In 2007, the Colorado Fine Art Center got a complete renovation for the visiting tourists. The art capital of the city has much to offer travelers with its several galleries featuring art collections. The sophisticated collection displays Latin American Art, Abstract Prints from the region’s local artist, and Mexican Folk and Clay Art.

The Fine Art Center that nestles a theater, entertains you with its dance, music, and drama performances. Check out the exterior of the center featuring a large green lawn and sculpture garden that hosts outdoor concerts regularly.

  • Go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Zoos are popular among tourists and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, near the Cheyenne Canyon, is not an exception. The zoo is one-of-its-kind in the US as it allows visitors to get close and familiar with the animals. The fun-filled activities are great if you like feeding the giraffes, listening to the roar of lions, or walking next to the wallabies.

Your little ones will surely enjoy the educational exhibits and play areas of the zoo. You can also opt for a breathtaking Skyride providing an aerial picture of the zoo.

  • See the Seven Falls

A series of seven beautiful majestic waterfalls, cascading 181 feet down, is another refreshing splendor you can think of visiting. The seven falls lie between the geological formations of ‘The Pillars of Hercules’. The way to waterfalls attracts a scenic view known as the ‘Grandest Mile of Scenery’ in Colorado Springs.

Taking a shuttle to the Broadmoor has so much reserved for the tourists, like jagged rocks, rare flowers, and clear river streams.

Adventure junkies should climb 224 steps to reach the top to get breathtaking views of the golden plains and mountains beyond.

Ending Note

This article has listed out important Colorado Springs places to visit for travelers and adventure seekers. You can also refer to some of the popular Subscriber magazines in Colorado that cover detail of various visiting destinations of the area. Just make sure you save some pennies and a lot of energy while you are looking forward to exploring the entire place.