How To Promote Your Music Band Online

Promotion can be used to promote almost any type of band activity.

A gig can be used to promote your product or album.

Booking studio time for a single or an album can help promote the fact that new music is coming out.

Comments made during interviews and live events could become trending news stories, memes or social media stories.

Chance encounters with well-connected fans could lead to big promotional spikes when they start raving or posting photos with you on Instagram.

You need to look at the opportunities that promotional opportunities can be created by your band activities. This guide can help you create a strategy that will promote your band online.

Note that this guide applies to all musical activities, not just bands. We mean solo artists’ when we refer to a band.

Promoting your band through Bandcamp

Most of these promotional avenues that we have discussed are free. Bandcamp offers a way for you to make some money while also promoting what it is that you do.

Your profile is essential for all social media platforms and Bandcamp especially. Imagine going into a library to find the book you were looking for. Although it would seem absurd, this is what a lot of artists do when it comes down to account profiles.

Soundcloud details such as your name, location, music genre, tags, and other information can be used to help users find you. These aren’t optional, they’re essential to your account.

After choosing the main genre that you identify with, you can then choose sub-genres in the genre tags’ section. The only way to trend is in one main category. So if your main genre is pop, and you select the tag electronica, you won’t be able to trend in both. If you have a main genre of pop and tags synthpop,you can trend in these two categories since they are related. Bandcamp offers a section called ‘discover’ that will help you discover which sub-genres correspond to your main genre.

It’s important to choose the right city for you. Promoters are likely to be looking for acts near them, so if Manchester is your home, Manchester-based promoters should be able to discover you.


YouTube does not allow you to upload your tracks as audio. This does mean that your artwork will be responsible for a lot. Be sure to create artwork that is attractive and inspires people.

Soundcloud is a popular social media platform. Many people will be accessing it on their mobile phones. It’s important that images display well on small screens. PhotoADKing has an online tool to help you make flyers. Even if you’re not a professional at designing, it can still be done with ease.


Bandcamp can be more challenging than other social networks to promote your band. It’s also harder to create a community. You should make sure that your Bandcamp page is linked from your website as well as other social media accounts. You can think of it as an upsell for fans who engage with your content. A way to say, “hey! We liked what you did, so why not get our album?”

People will often purchase your music to reward you for creating quality content. It’s easy to think that bands offer so much music for free that it’s difficult to monetize your music. If people like your music enough, they will purchase it even if you have streaming access.

A great way to boost sales is to sell physical records, on vinyl, CD, or cassette. These formats have a greater value than digital streams and downloads. Physical releases also attract more people because they are more aware about the labor involved in producing them.

Promoting your band, there’s an App for That

Music is a global community of passionate fans. Many people feel like they belong to a group of like-minded people, and many of these communities often share a common passion for music.

An app is a great way of creating a unique community where your fans can join. App Institute is a tool that allows you to quickly create an app for your band.

Your app will allow fans to stream audio or video, send messages and push notifications in-app and book tickets for gigs. You can link it to all your social networks so that it can become a hub for all your marketing activities. It could even be like a premium version of your website.


We hope that this guide has provided you with a solid foundation for creating a band promotion plan that actually works. While this will require some effort and time as well, it is worth it if you follow these three principles. You will soon be able to grow your fan base while also selling more music.

  • You can post frequently and consistently to social networks, but you don’t have to be spammy.
  • Engage your audience in a friendly and respectful manner that makes them feel appreciated
  • Verify that all of your social media accounts, and apps, are connected to your site
  • Use readymade tool like PhotoADKing for design music flyer

Promotion of a band is about communicating the passion that you have for music in creative and engaging ways, and building a mutually beneficial relationship with your supporters.