The 2019 Roadmap to Fullstack Web Development

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Being a full stack developer requires a lot of skills. Beginners often find it difficult to find the correct learning path that can help them gain quick results.

For beginners, understanding what needs to be learned can get a little overwhelming at the beginning. So in this post, we will present an overview of the technologies you should learn to become a full stack developer.

With a short description of relevant topics, we will provide you with great sources to begin your journey so that you can quickly brush up your developer skillsets.

Base learning

You always start your web development career by learning the basics such as HTML and CSS.

HTML is substantial for every website you are implementing. With the help of HTML, you are defining and structuring your website’s content using a simple markup text.

After understanding HTML, you will have to move onto using CSS. By using CSS, you can add fonts, color, layout, and style to your website. Both these languages are crucial to a web developer’s needs.

Programming languages

The next most important thing you need to enhance your web development skills is learning programming languages. They are mentioned as follows:


JavaScript is a key building block that can add dynamic features to your website. Since this language is an implementation of the underlying ECMAScript specification, JavaScript plays a crucial role in starting your web development career. Since learning JavaScript can be overwhelming for beginners, you should start by focusing on the basics first, and then move onto advanced concepts.



With the recent advent of Angular, TypeScript has gained a lot of traction. So if you are someone who is planning to learn Angular, then you should definitely glance at TypeScript before starting it.

Since it is an addition to JavaScript, TypeScript is always used together with JavaScript as it enables important features such as type checking.

If you are working with code editors, such as Visual Studio Code, then you should definitely use TypeScript because it has brilliant tooling options. On TypeScript, you will be able to find functionalities that automatically import the modules.


Python is an indispensable programming language, and if you haven’t added it to your web development skills, it’s now time to start learning it.

Python allows you to cover a wide range of use cases. By using this language, you can implement GUI application, command-line scripts, and web applications. This programming language also operates in scientific computing.


Python for web development involves understanding frameworks such as Django or Flask.

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Front-end development

Front-end frameworks make web development easier and faster. Some of the most important front-end frameworks that assist in web development include the following:


Angular is used to build client applications in HTML, JavaScript, or TypeScript. This framework combines declarative dependency injection, end to end tooling, templates, and integrated best practices that can solve development challenges.



React is used to build user interfaces. By using React, you can create a powerful single-page application. So, for building a more complex application, you can consider using Redux.


Vue.js is a very easy and excellent choice to develop smaller-sized projects. The year 2019 has seen a hiring spree for Vue.js developers.

Back-end development

The two most important options you can choose when selecting back-end developments are Node.js and Django.


Using this, you can execute your JavaScript code at the backend. Node.js is especially powerful when you use it with the Express middleware. To understand the core concepts of Node.js, you need to have a thorough understanding of the JavaScript programming language.


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This language is completely written in Python. A powerful framework in itself, Django can serve a wide range of use cases. In order to use Python at the back-end side of your project, you should definitely start learning Django in depth.

Final words

This post has guided you towards a successful learning path, and it has also provided you with the best resources to help you get started.

Web development professionals are high in demand. And if you are someone who wishes to learn these skills, you are going on the right track. Now is the perfect time to start learning web development. So, even if you are an experienced web or full stack developer, you can take some time out to keep yourself well-informed with the latest technologies in demand.