Top Attractions and Things to do in Cartagena?

This city with the grand colonial mansions, stunning plazas, beautiful beaches, and lively, vibrant lifestyle greets the visitors wholeheartedly. Located on the Caribbean coast, this Cartagena city is the capital of the Bolivar department and is the fifth-largest city in Colombia.

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Visit Bocagrande and El Laguito

These two places are popular for housing fashionable hotels, restaurants, shopping destinations, and city-dwellers in Columbia. Located on an L-shaped peninsula in front of the Caribbean near Cartagena, these two places with beautiful beaches are pretty unadorned. Visit this tourist destination for a fantastic club, partying, dancing all night.

Las Bovedas 

This Las Bovedas is an excellent place to shop and spend plenty of your time here. This area has lots of shops which were built in the late 1700s. The military built the 23 dungeons of Las Bovedas during colonial times. The jails inside this area were used by the Spanish for storage that now has become the souvenir shops. Artworks in the jail cells or today’s storerooms for the fortresses are worth watching.

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Rosario Islands

If you want to reach some beach area then visit the Rosario Islands which are located in the national park. These islands are only a one-hour driveway to the south of the Bay of Cartagena. With crystal clear waters and great diving spots, this tourist destination is the most beautiful spot in the city. You will find mangrove tunnels on some island that offers kayak and other offers postcard Caribbean beaches with sugar-soft sand, turquoise waves, and a few palm trees. Visit this stunning spot to also enjoy riding a boat.

Centro Amurallado   

This stunning building has many colonial buildings, churches, and plazas inside the walls of this historic district and is located in the Old Town, the heart of Cartagena. The fortress inside was used to protect the walled city from pirates, storms for many centuries. One of the most famous squares is the Plaza Bolivar also known as the heart of Old Town. You will find the lounge, benches where dancers perform live events, and live bands playing traditional Colombian music inside the fortress. Also, it provides facilities for accommodations and restaurants. The El Centro and section of Getsemani within the wall is the most highlighted one.

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La Popa Convent

The La Popa Convent was once a fortress but now it has been turned into a beautiful museum. This pretty place has flowered patios soaked in the sunlight and is a beautiful tourist destination in the city. The museum is a complex convent and has a monastery to learn the colonial religious life. This museum makes a worth watching sunset skyline and other superb views of the city. Visit this tourist destination along with the kids while capturing the most spectacular view.

Plava Blanca

This is a stunning beach area in Cartagena for locals and tourists who lounges in hammocks or cabanas. This beach offers many activities for a tourist like surfing, boat riding along with food eateries. The beach has the most scenic view with the clear bright blue water and the golden soft sands. The beach witnesses maximum crowd on the weekends and provides lots of snacks and drinks around the seashore. Get a peaceful environment. This beach is an easy 45-minute speedboat ride from the city and is located on Isla Baru. Enjoy the boat riding here or sunbathe with a lip-smacking food eatery.

Nightlife party

Crazy for the lively nightlife? Then hop around to this place to know how the people here are so energetic and full of zeal. This place is known to be the best for spending a night to reach the Bocagrande which is located at the center of town or the El Centro and Getsemani for tavernas, dance, discos, and bars. Enjoy the moments here that are full of fun and lots of Caribbean and Colombian music.

So, guys how do you like the city’s famous sightsees?

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