Why do you need a sponsor licence?


When it comes to deciding about studying or working abroad, people have already narrowed it down to one of the most sought after places. Most people are interested in developed countries like the United States, or European countries. These countries provide ample opportunities along with advanced services to both the residents and those who have just come for work.

The idea of moving out to another country to work or attend college has become very common now, partially because the entire process has become so easy and also because every other person is doing it, so one might not feel lonely or left out. With most of the things shifting to the digital mode, the process of applying for a visa or applying to a college has become easy.

One can even get in touch with an immigration lawyer there, who can represent you in that country. If you’re someone who is going to move to another country because of work, you need to aware of the immigration laws of that country as well. Many employees get to travel as “sponsored employees”, and this is not something that depends on them, but rather on their employers. If the employer is a registered sponsor in their country, then you can fall under the category of sponsored employees.

To get a sponsored licence, the employers must fill out a sponsor licence application, and after a thorough check, the employer gets a certificate of sponsorship. But what does sponsor licence entails and why does it hold such prominence in the foreign countries? The governments in these developed countries regulate the movement of migrant workers belonging to other countries. To work in any one of these countries, one needs to be sponsored, which means that they need to have a job offer from one of the employees. However, some people do not come under this category.

This is because they belong to another category. The companies who wish to find employees outside of home countries, need to have a sponsor licence. They can apply by filling out the sponsor licence application and see if their company is eligible to get a licence. If the visa and immigrations department found any error in the application form, the sponsor licence will not be issued. Along with that, the employees need to be accurate with their visa application form, as any error can stop them from getting a visa.


Thus, the employees should contact an immigration lawyer, who will break down the legal issues to them, thus making things easy for them. But why does a company need a sponsor licence? This is partly because there are a large number of immigrants who are trying to find opportunities outside their home country, due to various reasons. The countries which have an abundance of skilled manpower, often see themselves losing their manpower to these countries.

The opportunity to work abroad does not come every day, and people are quick to grasp any such opportunity. Thus, the employer would need a sponsor licence. The sponsor licence application can be filled online but it needs to be accurate. A review visit could be done by the officials of the Home Office as well. While your employer is settling and managing all of this, you need to be accurate with your form and other details as well, to get clearance for the first time. If a visa application is rejected, that can lead to a problem for the next time when you decide to apply. One needs to be very careful and if at any point you think that you should seek external help, you should try to find and contact an immigration lawyer, just to be doubly sure with your applications and other such queries.